Humour, Ecology, and a Very Good Dog.

A National Magazine Award-winner for her Swerve Magazine pieces The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Boyfriend and My Little House of Horrors, Hines has contributed everything from imaginary pitches for impossible tv shows, to a micro-musical about suicidal telemarketers. Her essays, excerpts, short plays and articles have been included in the following:

Swerve Magazine 

Quick links to a few Swerve pieces:

The Revenant meets Revenue Canada: What happens when a dream mixes bears and T-4s

A dog’s life: Hopper arrived one Christmas. He left far too early

Laugh Lines: What if beautiful people aren’t exactly people?

(Elaine the Complicated Calgarian serial and much more coming very soon…)

Coach House Books’ State of the Arts | The Brick Literary Journal | Geist | Border Crossings

As well as in anthologies such as Snappy Shorts at Tarragon Theatre and Taking the Stage and Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Heaven and Hell on Earth