Keep Frozen/Pochsy Productions has produced and/or scripted a small collection of award-winning short films that have travelled the globe. Please see tabs for 'My Name is Pochsy' and 'The Audit' to watch.

Currently in development:

Anagram for Psycho (33 Short Films About Pochsy)

33 MICROFILMS Written and Directed by Karen Hines and Sandi Somers.

Horribly Beautiful World

Adapted from 'The Pochsy Plays,' an award-winning theatrical trilogy, and evolving from the prize-winning shorts 'My Name is Pochsy: A Industrial Film,' and 'A Tax on Pochsy (a.k.a. The Audit),' the last in this series, 'Anagram for Psycho (33 Short Films About Pochsy)' will make up the third in a lustrous designer set.

This 33-minute ode to a century of industrial propaganda and corporate mission statements is both a scathing satire and and a tragi-documentary of a day in the life of doomed mercury plant worker, Pochsy. The comedy is black, the horror is terrifying, but the outfits are adorable.


A screen adaptation of the acclaimed theatrical production. Currently under way.