My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film

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My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film marks the filmmaking debut of award-winning writer-performer Karen Hines, whose cult character Pochsy has delighted cabaret and theatre audiences across the continent for over a decade.

The film's signature, subversive comedy fuses parody, pathos and an unforgettable character all set against a backdrop of northern Ontario’s slag heaps, and on the glorious Island of Manitoulin. Shot on Super 8, this is the first in a series of “Pochsy” films now in the works.

Pochsy: Wide Tower


My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film

Pochsy works at Mercury Packers ... where she packs mercury. Having missed some kind of mass evacuation, she is utterly alone on a ravaged industrial landscape. 'My Name is Pochsy' is Pochsy's fictional 'personal documentary': a mercury-addled waif's ode to life, death, karmic reckoning and the future of the human soul. Ostensibly directed by Pochsy, starring Pochsy, and shot by her on abandoned scraps of black-and-white super 8 film, 'My Name is Pochsy' is Pochsy's message in a bottle to a forgetful world; a subversively comedic ode to a century of industrial film propaganda, and a mindful attack on mindless progress. Set against the stark, spectacular backdrop of northern Canada's mining fields (abandoned factories, ravaged rivers and streams, troubled animals...) it pits gritty realism against magic realism. With affirmations culled from sources as disparate as the Dalai Lama, 'The Secret' and the Wal-Mart Mission Statement, 'My Name is Pochsy' is a scathing satire for our times. Poisoned, and poisonous, Pochsy is a spokesgirl for a human species on the brink. The comedy is black, the aim is dead serious. With a musical score featuring the darker side of Tony Award-winner Greg Morrison (The Drowsy Chaperone).

('Pochsy' is pronouned 'Poxy' as in 'the pox,' and is an anagram for 'Psycho.')