• DRAMA: The Pilot Episodes is streaming now anywhere you get your podcasts – or go to for teasers, episodes, cast and crew and more.


  • Pochsy IV at the Roxy “nothing short of riveting” (Edmonton Journal). See more at

  • “All the Little Animals I Have Eaten” directed by Alexandra Dawkins at Shadow Theatre wins 5 Sterling nominations. See full review here.

  • Also, the French translation in Montreal: “Tous les petits animaux que j’ai dévorés” was presented in a June staged reading at the marvelous 2022 Festival du Jamais Lu. Translated by Mishka Lavigne, directed by Lisa L’Heureux.

  • CRAWLSPACE was translated by Mishka Lavigne for productions in Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury, Ottawa in 2022 to 2024 – a new translation collaboration between Jack Peterson Theatre and the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, presented by Théâtre Français de Toronto – more soon.


  • CRAWLSPACE – THE MOVIE. From the micro theatre to the big screen, Crawlspace – the Movie is in progress now. First draft completed with support from Telefilm. “Savagely funny” (NOW Magazine)

  • New Work in Progress: The Upper Atmosphere in Motion (NASA, the ionosphere, and the turbulent mind of C.O. Hines). Banff Centre residency with Leighton Studios readings in 2023. Summer retreat and Calgary/Toronto studio sets upcoming in 2024. 



A Burtynsky-inspired immersive cabaret, Lime Green Wow Factor offers eleven monologues set inside bedrooms of the wealthy, at their fine coffee shop, in the gym, in a claw-foot tub. Only in this world, at this time, everything that’s coming to an end glows in the dark. Take-away cups blaze. Dishwasher beads look like small bright planets. This play is inspired by the Dark Mountain Manifesto, which promises “a beautiful uncivilization.” Decoupling is a big thing in this world – the process whereby nature and economic gain are separated. It’s law and everyone’s freaking, experiencing the death of takeaway as though it were their own dying. But as they submit, a tender, vivid place at their core literally glows from within; tendrils of bright green plant life creep up from inside their bodies. Out their mouths their ears, glowing lime green. The monstrous will be the new normal. The new normal will be beautiful.

In progress, 1st Draft and Staging Workshop complete: A commission for Verb Theatre Calgary with support from NAC’s Collaborations Project. Upcoming: TBA.


In progress, 2nd Draft complete. A commission for Vertigo Theatre Mainstage, New Dates TBA.

Magical realism collides with toxic nostalgia as a young child in the 1970’s is haunted by a young child from the 1950’s, both of whom seem to see the future of a young child in the 2020’s. Part psycho-thriller, part eco-horror, The Cottage borrows from cinematic high wire acts such as The Birds, as well as family psychodramas from Sophocles to O’Neill. Based on Hines’s own family (with permission) and a true 1971 summer when international climate expert visited us at The Cottage. Special effects will include robot zebra mussels; swarming fireflies; skittering deer mice and too-affectionate deer. The lake and the land are speaking.


Fifty Monkeys Maybe

A psychological thriller about a playwright, a dramaturg and the critic who drives them apart. Performed in ‘faux verbatim,’ this is a 1970’s period piece about a previous culture in a previous world.

Anagram for Psycho: 33 Short Films About Pochsy

33 MICROFILMS Written and Directed by Karen Hines and Sandi Somers – dreamy concept stage.

This 33-minute ode to a century of industrial propaganda and corporate mission statements is both a scathing satire and and a tragi-documentary of a day in the life of doomed mercury plant worker, Pochsy. The comedy is black, the horror is terrifying, but the outfits are adorable.

33 is currently being developed as a companion to the 6-minute films, My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film, The Audit, and Everything’s Falling.